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Film: Red, white and green

Written by Nicola Jones - Nature Climate Change on .


Film: Red, white and green

Nature Climate Change (2011) doi:10.1038/nclimate1224
Published online 04 September 2011
A stream of scientists tell us that the Arctic could disappear in a decade, one in every two animals could go extinct, the ocean will rise, extreme weather will hit the planet and, ultimately, climate change will lead to the “potential decline and collapse of civilization”: Carbon Nation starts with the same climate change sermon everyone has heard before.

Then the film takes its critical turn: “I've heard enough. I don't need to hear any more about 'we're all doomed'. We know it's a big task, but it's also a fantastic, and huge, opportunity,” says a lone voice at the end of the documentary's introduction.

Carbon Nation is a film about solutions, not problems, proclaims its US director and producer, Peter Byck. More than that, it's a film about solutions that will make every-day Americans cold hard cash. So, they can get behind action on emissions even if they don't believe that climate change is a big problem or that people are causing it — as, the movie tells us, a third of Americans still do. “If you don't give a damn about the environment, [act on climate change] because you're a greedy bastard and you just want cheap power,” advises Carbon Nation interviewee Sean Casten, president of the Westmont Illinois-based company Recycled Energy Development.

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This is why we made the movie

Written by Chrisna on .

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Ondemandweekly.com Review

Written by Chrisna on .

OndemandweeklyOn Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: CARBON NATION (Gravitas Ventures).

CARBON NATION - A New Documentary On Climate Change
By Scott Zaretsky
I have to admit, I’m a little “documentary filmed–out” these days. The thought of sitting thru and screening a “climate change” film after a day at the “office” wasn’t quite the movie-mojo I had signed up for. That said, I found Award-winning director Peter Byck’s CARBON NATION to be the best film on climate change I have ever seen.

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Byck Blog #1

Written by Peter Byck on .

Very early in the shooting of Carbon Nation (www.carbonnationmovie.com) I learned about Green Hawks in or advising the Pentagon – men like Col. Dan Nolan (US Army retired) and former CIA chief Jim Woolsey. Warriors who knew we were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for a resource called oil. Resource wars are not new. As Woolsey told me, 200 years ago wars for fought for salt – the key ingredient to keeping food from rotting on long ocean voyages. (Do you know the US policy towards Japan before they bombed Pearl Harbor? We had imposed an oil blockade – preventing oil supplies from reaching their mainland.)