production notes and credits

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carbon nation is presented by:
clayway media & Earth School Educational Foundation, Inc.

Directed by: Peter Byck
Narrated by: Bill Kurtis
Produced by: Peter Byck, Craig Sieben, Karen Weigert, Artemis Joukowsky & Chrisna van Zyl

Production Notes

82 minutes, Color, 35 mm

Marketing & Booking Information

MJ Peckos - Mitropoulos Films
Office: (310) 273 1444

Steven Rafael-Required Viewing


Director: Peter Byck
Editors: Eric Driscoll & Peter Byck
Writers: Peter Byck, Eric Driscoll, Matt Weinhold, Karen Weigert
Producers: Peter Byck, Craig Sieben, Karen Weigert, Artemis Joukowsky, Chrisna van Zyl
Narrator: Bill Kurtis
Executive Producers: Paula Crown, Gigi Pritzker, Nick Pritzker, Peggy & Henry Sharpe, The Lemelson Foundation
Associate Producers: Michael Cochran, Gill Holland, Jim Slama, Gueta Mezzetti, Michael Leifer, Patricia Jones Blessman, Nick Street
Graphics: MFactor, Inc.
Composer: Flexi P; Orchestrator: Robert Hawes
Sound Designer: Robert Hawes/Neptunes Broiler
After Effects Artist: Andrew Fink
Animation: Six Point Harness


Director of Photography: Peter Byck
Additional Camera: Daniel Lir
Camera Assistants: Chrisna van Zyl, Michael Cochran, Bill Stark, Jim Slama
UDQ Wrangler: Michael Pucker

Special Effects

Michael White

Music & Sound

Supervising Sound Designer and Re-recording mixer: Robert Hawes
Sound Designers: Courtney Bailey and Bobby Garza Jr.
Additional Orchestration: Eric Lindsay and Matt Heck
Post Production Music & Sound Services: neptunesbroiler.com


Guitars: Eric Whorton, David Immerglück, FlexiP, Phil Maynes, Robert Hawes
Bass: Danny Kiely, David Immerglück, Eric Garcia
Drums: Paul Culligan, Ziv
Keys: FlexiP
Engineers: John Schroeder, Robert Hawes, Phil Maynes
Voice Over engineer: Brian Leitner

Assistant Director

Patrick Duncan

Additional Editing

Nick Towle, Christo Brock, Jeff Cowan

Editorial Consultants

Chris Bonno, Sean Casten, Ben Evans, Jonathan & Julia Friedland, Daniel Lir, George Meyer, Chris Peeler & Luke Phillips-PFC

J/KAM Digital: Digitizing + Technical Support

Keith Gore, Jeff Bass, Erik Beauchamp


Russell Goodwin, Simon Levine, Creighton Montei

Photographic Research

Asterios Kokkinos, Russell Goodwin, Chrisna van Zyl

Website Design


Original Graphic Design

Annie Buckman

Legal & Accounting for Earth School Educational Foundation, Inc.

Barry Sackett, Attorney at Law
Sackett & Sims-Taylor PC
Charles A. Deen, CPA & Susan S. Deen, CPA
Deen & Company


Rohit T. Aggarwala, - Dir. Of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, NYC Mayor’s Office
Jerry M. Allums  - Home and Solar Roof Owner, Richmond CA
Lela Allums - Home and Solar Roof Owner, Richmond CA
Peter Barnes - Economist and Senior Fellow, Tomales Institute
Richard Branson – CEO, Virgin Group
George Bravo – Driver, KKW Trucking
Lester R. Brown – President, Earth Policy Institute
Sean Casten – President & CEO, Recycled Energy Development LLC
Ralph Cavanagh – Lead Attorney, NRDC
Col. Jim Chevallier - Garrison Commander-Garrison Fort Irwin Army Base
Roger Duncan – Deputy General Manager, Austin Energy
Michael Dunham - Director of Energy & Environmental Programs, Jaco Environmental Inc
Cliff Etheredge – Partner, Peal Wind LLC
David Etheredge – Partner, Peak Wind LLC
Bob Fox – Partner, Cook + Fox Architects
Greg Franta - Senior Vice President/Chief Architect, Rocky Mountain Institute
Tom Friedman – Author & NY Times Columnist
Eric Gardner - Contract Officer Representative, 916th Support Brigade, US Army National Training Center, Fort Irwin
Wayne Gatlin Jr. – Solar Installer
Sherri Goodman - Senior Vice President & General Counsel, CNA
Eban Goodstein - Economic Professor, Lewis & Clark College
Stuart Grauer - President/Head of School, The Grauer School
Denis Hayes – President, Bullitt Foundation
Vickie S. Haynes – Owner, Vickie’s Gifts
Paul Reed Hepperly – Director of Research, Rodale Institute
Gary Hirshberg - Chairman, President and CEO of Stonyfield Farm
Gwen Holdmann - Vice President of New Development, Chena Hot Springs Resort
David Hone – Climate Change Advisor, Shell
Daryl Horne – Solar Installer
Sadhu Johnston - Chief Environmental Officer, City of Chicago
Van Jones – Founder, Green For All
Willie Jones  - Father of Van Jones
Bernie Karl – Proprietor, Chena Hot Springs Resort
James A. Kelly - Senior Vice President of Transmission and Distribution Business Unit, Southern California Edison
Kristina Kershner – Director, Architecture 2030
M. Glen Kertz - President/CEO, Valcent Products
Edward Kjaer - Director of Electric Transportation Division, Southern California Edison
Timothy Lasalle – CEO, Rodale Institute
Amory B. Lovins - Chairman & Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute
Joel Makower – Executive Director, GreenBiz.com
Col. Matthew Margotta – Commander, US Army Garrison-Hawaii
Edward Mazria – Executive Director, Architecture 2030
Kevin Mccullough – COO, RWE-
Michele Mcgeoy - Founder/Executive Director, Solar Richmond
Jeffrey W. Moyer - Farm Director, Rodale Institute
Daniel A. Nolan III – CEO, Sabot6, Inc.
Dana Pittard - Commanding General/Deputy Chief of Staff, US Army National Training Center, Fort Irwin
Peggy Rathmann – Carbon Farmer, Wick Farms
Paul Rode - Project Team Leader, Johnson Controls
Jim Rogers – Chairman, President & CEO, Duke Energy
Arthur Rosenfeld – Commissioner, California Energy Commission
John W. Rowe – Chairman & CEO, Exelon Corporation
Lance K. Toyofuku - Director of Public Works, US Army National Training Center, Fort Irwin
John Wick - Carbon Farmer, Wick Farms
Tom Williams - Director of External Relations, Duke Energy
R. James Woolsey - Former CIA Director, Venture Partner, VantagePoint