SmartWasher® by We Are Green, Inc.

Untitled from Thomas Rogers Boyd on Vimeo.

We Are Green, Inc. works with the manufacturer, ChemFree, which has invented a Green Aqueous parts washer. The patented SmartWasher® is a bioremediating parts washing system. Through the process of bioremediation the SmartWasher eliminates the need to haul away used fluid. This system can be broken down into three distinct parts: The SmartWasher equipment, the OzzyJuice non-hazardous degreasing solutions and the OzzyMat, our patented, microbe impregnated particulate traps. THE SMARTWASHER® is constructed from heavy duty HDPE, contains a large 300 gph pump, adjustable thermostat, fluid level sensor and on-board diagnostics. OZZYJUICE® degreasing solutions are pH neutral, use no hazardous solvents, are not caustic and have no flash point. These powerful degreasing solutions clean as quickly as premium solvents. THE OZZYMAT™ is our patented particulate trap impregnated with microbes (Ozzys). The OzzyMat traps large particles of grease and oil along with any particulate matter larger than 50 microns. More importantly, the OzzyMat releases these microbes (Ozzys) into the SmartWasher system. The microbes (Ozzys) break down or “eat” grease, oil and other organic products in the OzzyJuice and turn those contaminants into harmless carbon dioxide and water - EVAPORATION. This process leaves the OzzyJuice clean and strong for every use. This product generates no hazardous waste or VOC's. The bi-product is carbon dioxide and oxygen. By replacing the solvent based and current aqueous based sytems, we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint. MERGING these three products creates one amazing bioremediating parts washing system, The SmartWasher®. And as long as our customers maintain their SmartWasher system properly they should never have to change or haul away their OzzyJuice®.