"Closing the Carbon Cycle" at Green Biz 16


Closing the Carbon Cycle

Fossil fuel companies and the beef industry have the potential to slow climate change – if they collaborate, and realize the waste of oil is the manna of soil. New methods of grazing, called Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing, are showing great promise in regenerating soils – and regenerated soils draw down enormous amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. Imagine fossil fuel companies partnering with ranchers and helping them transition to AMP grazing. Imagine fossil fuel companies making soil health one of their top business priorities – out of pure self interest. Imagine fossil fuel companies taking responsibility for their CO2 emissions and imagine the beef industry taking that CO2 and storing it in the soil, where it enables the production of more food, on less land, for less money, using less water. Imagine that.

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Hybrid Law Short Film

A small town Arkansas police department trades in Crown Vics for hybrid cars in the latest carbon nation/ASU short doc.


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short film: soil carbon cowboys


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Conversation with Allen Williams at New America Foundation

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an agricultural revolution to fight climate change?

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Allan Savory's TED talk

The answer to climate change is in the soils, with the cows

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